Adult Formation

Small faith communities are relational groups that gather regularly to pray, learn, support each other and share faith. A small faith community is a smaller, more intimate experience of church. Small faith communities provide safe places where people can be open and honest. It is a way to connect and belong in this amazing parish that is spread out over 47 zip codes. 

 What are the benefits?

Here are just a few:

  • feeling like you belong to the parish

  • having the opportunity to be listened to in a trusting and non-judgmental atmosphere

  • making the connection between what we believe—what we celebrate at Mass—and your own life

  • having your abilities and talents encouraged and appreciated

  • feeling supported during trying times and sharing joys during the happy times

  • deepening your faith and your relationship with Jesus Christ

  • finding ways to serve the parish and the wider community as an individual and as a group


What is the importance of joining a Small Faith Community today?

Parishes are meant to foster an experience of love and an experience of faith.  In a spread out parish like The Shrine, that can be a challenge.  Among so many, it is easy to feel isolated and alone.  Gathering in Small Faith Communities allows the church to become smaller and more intimate. These communities offer what everyone desires:  the experience of being known and being loved.  Small Faith Communities also offer an experience of faith.  We all have faith, but most of us need help from others to learn to trust the faith within us and learn to recognize and describe our experience of faith.  The more our experiences of faith and love are shared—and this can only happen in a small group—the more we notice God and God's call to be church for one another.  Community enable us to be who we are.


Come As You Are is our Small Faith Community name and motto. All are welcome, it doesn't matter where you are in your faith journey. Each community will start off with a 10 to 12 week series - Come As You Are. Its a time to get to know each other, share and have fun together. After your community finishes the Come As You Are series you can continue weekly / bi-weekly or monthly with another series Faith In Action or something else that your community chooses. 

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Small Faith Communities
Reflection Class

How much of our time are we devoting to opening up our life to Jesus? We have an opportunity to open it further to Jesus’ invitation. When we read the Sunday’s Scriptures and hear the homily at Mass we’re able to see and understand how God’s Word can change our life. At our Scripture Reflection class we talk about the Sunday Readings and how those affect our lives and help strengthen our journey as followers of Christ.

It is led by two parishioners who have backgrounds in theology.  The class lasts one hour and light snacks are served. Please come join in the discussion about the many ways Christ is active in your life.

If you are seeking more information please email to