Adult Formation

The Adult Education Committee of the Shrine endeavors to present varied opportunities for adult parishioners to expand/deepen their knowledge and love of God.

Sessions can include:

  • presentations by parishioners and non-parishioners

  • Bible study

  • encompass multiple beliefs, including Judaism, Muslim, Quakerism

  • teachings of the Catholic Church, sacraments, encyclicals

  • current topics such as stem research

  • different presentation styles such as lecture, question and answer, hand outs, etc.

If you are interested in joining the Adult Education Committee, would like to present one of the sessions, or are just seeking more information please send email to

Reflection Class

How much of our time are we devoting to opening up our life to Jesus? We have an opportunity to open it further to Jesus’ invitation. When we read the Sunday’s Scriptures and hear the homily at Mass we’re able to see and understand how God’s Word can change our life. At our Scripture Reflection class we talk about the Sunday Readings and how those affect our lives and help strengthen our journey as followers of Christ.

It is led by two parishioners who have backgrounds in theology.  The class lasts one hour and light snacks are served. Please come join in the discussion about the many ways Christ is active in your life.

If you are seeking more information please email to