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Bashor Night Shelter

There are approximately 14,000 homeless people in the city of Atlanta. Each year from November 1 to March 31, The Shrine ministers to a small portion of the homeless along with numerous organizations and churches by being a part of the Bashor Night Shelter. The Shrine hosts 30-35 of the 100+ guests and by providing sack lunches, dinner and overnight assistance for approximately 30 of the 150 nights.


You can volunteer by preparing a dinner and serving the guests. Additionally, our volunteers can provide sack lunches or spend the night with the guests. Overnight volunteers show up by 7PM and are out before 6AM the next morning.

Our signup each season begins in September with several Sign-up Sundays held after the Masses. If you want to check out our schedule, click the Shrine Night Shelter Schedule.

We also provide information about the procedures at Nightly Shelter Procedures - Shrine or Nightly Shelter Procedures - Central.

If you are wondering about who you serve, how many you serve, etc., The Shrine Night Shelter FAQ Sheet provides answers to many of your questions.

Click this Bashor Night Shelter link for further information, noting that this is an all-volunteer organization. Shrine contact for this ministry is available by reaching

Night Shelter

"The Night Shelter - It’s a gift to both the guests and the volunteers. I must say that we were a little apprehensive the first night we stayed but we had 2 experienced volunteers to show us the ropes. There was very little work but lots of rewards.


We learned the guests are registered and have a reserved place each night. Most of the men have stayed at the Shrine many times and know the routine better than the volunteers. Some of the guests like to visit and others read, play cards, listen to music, or watch TV until lights out at 9:00. It was nice to see how quickly we got acquainted and shared stories.


Each person was gracious, well mannered and glad to help some rookie volunteers. We have enjoyed it each time we stayed and look forward to doing it again this year. It just takes a little time but it’s time well spent."

Cheryl & Jim Peavyhouse

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