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Record Request

Parish Office: 404-521-1866

The Shrine keeps records of all Sacraments celebrated here after 1920. We also keep the records for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cancer Home, and for a catholic mission. Because all of these archived records are hand written, it can be very time consuming to locate older records - your patience is greatly appreciated! Sacramental records are not open to the public.


The following records are no longer kept at the Shrine but are housed with the Archdiocese Archivist.


They can be accessed by contacting the Archivist at

  • Baptisms 1846-1871

  • Baptisms 1872-1888

  • Baptisms 1901-1920

  • Marriages 1846-1871

  • Interments 1881-1910

  • Confirmations 1871-1921​

Baptism Record

This information is about the person requesting the baptismal record.

This information is about the person who is the subject of the baptismal record.

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