March 18: Introspection During Lent: Compassion, Empathy, and Solidarity

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Thursday of the Four Week of Lent

March 18, 2021

Philosopher and educator Paulo Freire of Brazil said that the great work of the oppressed is to liberate both themselves and their oppressors.

Many people around the world experience oppression. Some are displaced people, desperately seeking a better life and future by migrating to richer and safer countries. Many endure life in war-torn countries and under dictatorships. Others experience constant hurt through discrimination and marginalization because of their physical features, such as Indigenous American, Black, Latina/o, and Asian people in this country.

Lent is a time to hone our spiritual habits. I invite you to work with me on building these habits by allowing ourselves to feel compassion for the oppressed, working to learn and build empathy for the oppressed, and living a life in solidarity with the oppressed. Turn to the oppressed, serve the poor, work for freedom from inequality and inequity, experience Christ.

“They compelled a passer-by who was coming in from the country, to carry his cross.” (Mark 15:21)

My heart goes out to all who are hurting throughout Atlanta and in the Asian and Asian American communities.

These reflections are meant to challenge us on our journey through Lent. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us.

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